Writing about music is something that others do far better than I can and several have suggested that writing about music is like dancing about architecture (an interesting simile to say the least!). But I have been writing about my listening habits for a long time and this is a continuation of that process. A catholic taste like mine can find me with  large ensembles like that of Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson or Jimmie Lunceford, piano trios like Bill Evans, Esbjorn Svensson or Bill Charlap, voices like those of Kurt Elling, Mark Murphy or Claire Martin. It can equally find me revisiting the wilds of the 1980’s in the company of XTC, or bands that equal The Beatles in terms of songwriting prowess and inventiveness- three cheers for Squeeze and Crowded House. At present the relocation of my music collection into its own room (not so much a man cave as a listening post!) has occasioned a process of revisiting music I haven’t heard for ages- even ‘venerable’ vinyl from the 1980’s and ’90’s- so this space will reflect that- and the occasional rediscovered nugget along the way!

Duke Ellington and the power of the small

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- just a record, more and less.